Star Trek: The Next Generation And Aliens Crossover Announced

Crossovers have always been a way to bring two unique properties and their devoted followings together for one-time fanservice explosion, and the same is true for a new crossover from IDW and Dark Horse.

The accomplished publishers are merging two of their in-house franchises together for a blockbuster event next year, as Star Trek: The Next Generation will meet the Aliens franchise in a new event called Acceptable Losses. While the two differ in their origins and styles, it is a pairing that makes some modicum of sense, and who doesn't want to see the starship enterprise attempt to deal with an invasion of Xenomorphs (via THR).

Here's a spoiler. If their phasers are only set to stun, this book won't go past one issue.

The book will be written by Scott and David Tipton, with J.K. Woodward on art duties. The team is well versed in Stark Trek crossovers, as back in 2012 they guided the Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover with Doctor Who: Assimilation 2. The creative team hasn't announced how the Starship Enterprise ends up in Xenomorph territory, or if they exist in the same world at all, but hopefully, we'll know more soon.


In addition to the Dr. Who-verse, the Star Trek gang has managed to find itself in the DC Universe several times, once teaming up with the Legion of Super-Heroes and later teaming up with Green Lantern. Honestly, neither of those even come close to the weirdness that is the upcoming Planet of the Apes and Green Lantern crossover that was just recently announced froM BOOM! and DC Comics. In comparison, Star Trek: The Next Generation colliding with Aliens seems to be simply a matter of common sense, and doesn't even really require suspending disbelief.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens is tentatively eyeing an April 2017 release.