Star Wars Episode VII Rumor: Benedict Cumberbatch Reportedly Cast

Benedict Cumberbatch Star Wars

Since last week, there's been a rumor circulating on Twitter that Lucasfilm is about to make a huge Star Wars Episode VII casting announcement. The announcement was supposedly going to take place late last week, but it didn't.

Now, reports are surfacing that Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in Star Wars Episode VII. Film Chronicles appears to have been first to report in the title to their article that Benedict Cumberbatch is in Star Wars VII. Even though sites are starting to pick this up as an announcement, it should be noted that in the actual article Film Chronicles uses the word "appears" in talking about Benedict Cumberbatch being cast, which hints there could be some speculation involved.

Other names that have been circulated in connection to the rumored Star Wars Episode VII casting announcement are Dane DeHaan and Leonardo DiCaprio. What's been unusual about this casting announcement is that several of the major entertainment sites claim to have knowledge of who has been cast, but no one until now has officially reported a name.

Benedict Cumberbatch recently appeared in Star Trek Into Darkness, which was also directed by J.J. Abrams. If the rumor of Cumberbatch being cast in Star Wars Episode VII is true, then it will likely kick off lots of Internet debate over him appearing in both of the two largest science fiction franchises.

The script for Star Wars Episode VII is by Michael Arndt with Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg serving as consultants. J.J. Abrams will be directing, while legendary composer John Williams is returning to do the score. Production of Star Wars Episode VII is taking place in the United Kingdom. Star Wars Episode VII is schedule to be released in movie theaters during the summer of 2015.