Star Wars Play Sets in Disney Infinity 3.0 "Very Different Experiences"

At the Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box Summit in Disneyland, members of each of the several [...]

At the Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box Summit in Disneyland, members of each of the several development teams came together to discuss working on a game across four different studios and multiple countries. They also divulged more information about the new play sets coming to the game, with a heavy focus on Star Wars.

In the two play sets available at launch, the prequel-era "Twilight of the Republic" and original-trilogy "Rise Against the Empire," each will offer a "very different, very unique experience," said Mike Thompson of Avalanche Software. "Rise Against the Empire is more of an open world and exploration based experience, while Twilight of the Republic is very combat-focused." They said that the two different versions best reflect the eras the games are set in.

"The spine of Twilight of the Republic is learning how to master the combat and be an awesomely cool Jedi at the height of their power," said Stephen Stanyon of Ninja Theory, the developer behind the play set. Players will fight in "iconic lightsaber duels against General Grievous, Darth Maul, and even bigger battles against tons of droids," he confirmed.

The more open-world focus to "Rise Against the Empire," though, means they created "just tons and tons" of toys for the Toy Box while making the play set, Thompson said. "You'll be able to really create your own Hoth, your own Endor, and make your own Star Wars story in the game."

One of the surprising side-effects of bringing in other developers? All the older elements of the game franchise gets an upgrade, too. As Ninja Theory created the completely revamped melee combat for lightsabers, the rest of the development teams took that technology and applied it to every melee weapon. "Yes, you can do air juggles with the frying pan or the flamingo," Stanyon confirmed.

The new play sets will be fully replayable without having to reset them for the first time in the Star Wars sets and all new 3.0 play sets. Players can load up any point of the play set with ease once they've beat that portion of the game - so if you just want to play the Battle of Hoth with every single Star Wars character in one sitting, on repeat, you can.

Stay tuned for more Disney Infinity 3.0 news from the Toy Box Summit and D23 all weekend.