Star Wars Rebels Recap with Spoilers: Brothers of the Broken Horn

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

The episode starts with what looks like some quiet down time, as Ezra is training with Rex, trying to use a blaster to shoot a helmet off Chopper. Rex and Kanan argue about what he needs to practice being more, a soldier or a Jedi, and he says, "What if I don't want to be either?" Hmm. Hera calls a meeting.

In the Ghost, they learn there's a planet in need of some heat generators. They're off to hit the black market. Ezra's also in trouble with Hera, as he didn't scrub the ship like he was supposed to.

Ezra and Chopper commiserate a bit. "I miss the old days when things were simple," he says. Chopper gets a distress signal form the Broken Horn - Vizhago's ship. He and Chopper get in the Phantom and take off to see if they can help under the idea that Kanan says they help people in need.

Ezra, flying off, insists he's "not running away form [his] problems." He hails Vizhago's ship and gets nothing. In a very Kanan-like line delivery, he says, "Of course we're going to board the ship!"

Board it they do, and soon get cut off from each other as a door slams between Chopper and Ezra. Chopper rolls off and sees - the generators that were stolen, causing problems for the people! Hmm.

Ezra literally runs into a large droid, and walks down a hallway full of them, all shut off. He gets to the bridge and crazy music is playing - it's Hondo Ohnaka, baby, fresh off the Clone Wars. He says he won the ship off Vizhago in a game of Sabaac, along with all the droids.

Ezra tells him he's Lando Calrissian, a name Hondo knows. "Hondo is hiring!" He lost his crew and thinks it's the Empire's fault. As if on cue, a Star Destroyer comes into the system, telling them they've breached an Imperial Checkpoint. Ezra and Chopper (who comes rolling in at the nick of time) fix the hyperdrive to the Broken Horn and go "off on an adventure!" as Hondo so joyously says.

Hondo thinks they're making a "remarkable team," and wants some help pushing a few crates - Chopper shows him it's crates of power generators. They make a deal that Ezra will get two power generators and a split of the profit for a third if he helps him sell them. Ezra takes the remote for the droids and gives it to Chopper to hold.

They come off the ship, and Chopper stays behind. the trading outpost they're at has various Star Wars aliens walking around, and they get to their meeting with - Azmorigan! He thought his meeting was with Vizhago. Hmm. "Is this a joke? I don't deal with washed up old relics!" Azmorigan says. "Come now, let's leave your wife out of it," Hondo replies. Azmorigan's goons pull guns on Hondo and Ezra, and Ezra signals Chopper that they need a bit of help.

Azmorigan plans to collect a bounty on Hondo. He has Ezra's helmet removed and kind of recognizes him. "This is not Lando Calrissian!" "You lied to me? I knew I liked you," Hondo says. Azmorigan realizes there are only four crates of generators, not five. Chopper comes charging in, slamming the goons and freeing Hondo and Ezra. Chopper incapacitates a guard and sends Ezra's blaster (also his lightsaber, of course) careening his way. Ezra manages to take out a couple of goons, but Azmorigan sends a tram his way, and Hondo saves him from it, taking a bad fall in the process. He's being ejected into space!

Chopper picks up two blasters and goes after Azmorigan. His pack of credits flies into Hondo's hands. "I'm rich!" he says as he's flying into space. "I'm dead!" and Ezra catches him with the Force.

"My friend, you may not be Calrissian, but I know one thing you are - you are, a Jedi!" he says to Ezra.

After a tense commercial break, Hondo says, "I'm an old Jedi sympathizer, one of my best friends was a Jedi, I'm pretty sure we were friends!" Ezra tells him his real name, and he thanks the young padawan.

Flying back, Hondo asks Ezra about his duties, and offers him a spot in his crew once more. He goes and confers with Chopper. "I don't want to leave the Ghost, not really. Maybe I would make a pretty good pirate - Inquisitors don't hunt them."

They find Vizhago locked in his own brig. He wants to call in a favor with Ezra to get his ship back. He tells Chopper to get the generators onto the Phantom.

Ezra and Vizhago go to the bridge, and Ezra says he gets the generators, Vizhago and Hondo split the credits, and everyone's happy - except for everyone, as Vizhago steals and activates the droid remote, and Hondo starts shooting at him. Ezra uses the Force to get the remote back and turns them off, but Hondo is off trying to steal the generators and the credits - oh, and the Phantom!

Now it's Vizhago, Chopper, and Ezra left on the ship, and Vizhago ejects the other two in an escape pod back to the planet. Chopper says he knows where Hondo will be.

Hondo is on the Ghost, telling stories of Ezra's heroism - huh? "That's not true, you stole the generators and my ship - Chopper had the Phantom on auto-pilot."

Hondo says to keep the generators and heads off the ship. He tells Ezra, "you truly are a Jedi."


Ezra and Kanan have a talk. "So, you went for a little spin?" Kanan asks. "I was just figuring some things out," he replies. "And did you?" the master asked. "I used to be like Hondo, out for myself and alone, but that's not who I am anymore." "You have a different path now," Kanan says. "And I have you guys," Ezra replies.

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