Star Wars Rebels "Return of the Clones" Trailer Debuts Online

(Photo: Disney XD)

One of the biggest moments at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was during the Star Wars Rebels panel, where it was revealed that after Ahsoka's surprise return to the galaxy, the clone troopers would be next. Captain Rex, a fan favorite from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, made his triumphant return in the season 2 trailer, flanked by two more clone troopers who escaped Order 66 and the nascent Empire's programming.

A new featurette debuted today showing the importance of the clones. Narrated chiefly by Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of all the clones on both animated series, and executive producer of both series Dave Filoni, it shows how they'll return and the possible impact of it. The feature also confirms the identity of one of the other two troopers, Gregor, and definitively answers the question: "Who is the better solder, a clone trooper or a stormtrooper?"


Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD on October 14, 2015.