Stephen Amell Says CW DC Series Are "Basically One Show"

, and were 'ramping up to the crossover with The Flash.'As for Supergirl, Amell is game, but [...]

(Photo: The CW)

In a sixteen minute live Q&A on facebook, Stephen Amell talked a bit about the new season of Arrow, and what to expect. But first, with the DC Universe on The CW growing to three series this year, fans were wondering about how much crossover there'd be between them.

"It's basically one show," Amell said of Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Arrow. "The universe now, as it exists, is basically one show." That seems to indicate there will be a lot of crossover in and out, but the traditional mid-season crossover is coming, too. Amell said they just wrapped episode 407 (directed by fight choreographer James Bamford, so expect some big action there), and were "ramping up to the crossover with The Flash."

As for Supergirl, Amell is game, but cautioned he doesn't know about the ins and outs of a cross-network crossover. "Nothing is ever impossible, but I certainly don't think anything is planned."