Superbad Star Pens Upcoming Simpsons Episode


"Superbad" star Seth Rogen won't just be visiting Springfield, he'll be writing about his stay, too. Simpsons' creator Matt Groening revealed the news of Rogen's episode to Nuts Magazine, a British publication that is similar to Maxim. According to Groening, the actor will be guest starring on an upcoming episode. Seth is apparently such a fan of the show that he not only will lend his voice to the Simpsons, he's also written a full script. Groening further explained that the episode is still in the pre-production stages, and that the cast of the Simpsons will be "reading soon" the Rogen script. The script will focus on the best Simpsons character...ever... Comic Book Guy. In the episode, Comic Book Guy creates a new comic book superhero. Eventually, like with most comic books these days, a movie version is planned. Homer decides he is a natural to play the lead role. There's only one problem; in order to star as the lead, Homer will need to tone up. That's where Rogen's voice talents kicks in, when he plays Homer's personal trainer. No word has been given as to when the episode will air . Hopefully, Rogen will use his love for the Simpsons to create an instant classic.