Superman Vs. Batman Movie Will Feature Fallout From Man of Steel's Twist Ending

Superman and Batman movie logo

Last night at the Superman 75th Anniversary panel at San Diego Comic Con International, Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer told the audience that those worried about Superman's trajectory after the events in the third act of the film should hold tight--that those events will shape much of the sequel.

The movie may have been controversial, but even some of its biggest detractors have sugested that there was enough good in there that if the events of the film's Battle For Metropolis was handled well in a sequel, there could be some measure of forgiveness toward the filmmakers.

One supposes that announcing a Superman vs. Batman movie may have gone a long way toward that, if we're honest. Everyone at Comic-Con was excited by that one.

But Goyer, reiterating some of what he had previously told about the character's history with killing, told fans at the Superman 75th Anniversary Panel that Superman would absolutely carry the weight of what happened in Zod's final moments with him into Superman vs. Batman:

"Yes, there was a precedent, but having said that, Superman hadn't been reinvented cinematically since the Donner films and we knew that as much as we loved the Donner films, our version of the Man of Steel was one a lot of people were going to embrace and some people it was going to be a shock for. So to a certain extent we expected that but yeah, I mean John Byrne had done it with Zod and Donner before and it is what it is. But Zack [Snyder] has spoken about this before and we will be dealing with it in the coming film. One of the reasons we didn't call it Superman--we called it Man of Steel--is that you could have called it Superman Begins. That moment when Henry expressed so beautifully in the film the anguish after having done it is one of the things Zack has said publicly that we will pick up from. He's not Superman fully-formed in this film; he becomes that in the next film and he will have to deal with the repercussions of that in the next film."

Our first question upon hearing that: Could the actions of this powerful, terrifying alien living among us and taking lives seemingly (to the outside view) at will be a cause for alarm for the Caped Crusader? Given the fact that Goyer hinted at a major conflict between the pair, it doesn't seem like a stretch.