Surprising Pokemon Allegedly Has New Form in Pokemon Sun and Moon

alola raichu
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Raichu has been the redheaded stepchild of the Pokemon franchise ever since Nintendo chose its pre-evolution Pikachu to be the face of the franchise. Pikachu went on to adorn jets, appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving's Day Parade and finish runner up as Time's Person of the Year in 1999, while Raichu sat on the bench, unloved and ignored by both fans and the Pokemon franchise.

However, it appears that Pokemon Sun and Moon is about to change all that. A leak posted online claims that Raichu has a unique Alolan form. The Alolan Raichu looks gentler than its Kanto counterpart and rides its large tail as a sort of surfboard. While Raichu is usually an Electric type, the Alolan Raichu is Electric/Psychic and has a unique ability called Surge Surfer.

The same source also leaked another new Pokemon named Morelull, which is a Grass/Fairy type with the abilities Illuminate and Effect Spore. Morelull resembles a bell flower with mushrooms sticking out its bloom. Here's what Morelull looks like:

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

We also learned the names of two new Pokemon leaked earlier this week. The Pokemon reported on earlier this morning is called Pyukumuku and has the ability "Innards Out". Also, the small sardine-like fish Pokemon is named Wishiwashi and has the ability "Schooling", which allows to form a much more powerful school at a certain level. Here's a leaked video showing Wishiwashi in action:


We've yet to receive confirmation that these leaks are legitimate, but respected Pokemon sites like Serebii have posted that the leaks appear to be accurate. We should find out tomorrow evening, as the Pokemon Company is about to make another Pokemon Sun and Moon related announcement.