Taylor Swift: Not so "Super" a Girl Anymore

Helen Slater can rest easy. DC Comics, thanks to Scotland's Sunday Mail newspaper, has let us all know that the prospects of a Supergirl movie starring country/pop singing sensation and mega-star Taylor Swift are utterly false. Many sites and publications, including this one, reported the rumor when it originally appeared just a couple of weeks ago. It seems now that those plans are certainly a moot point! Swift is set to star in her first feature-length role in this February's Valentine's Day. If we hearken back to just a few months ago, there were rumors swirling that teen sensation Miley Cyrus would be playing the role of dominoed daredoll Batgirl in the next installment of the revamped, Christian-Bale starring Batman series. That has also panned out to appear unlikely (perhaps to the great relief of many?). Perhaps DC will reconsider if A) Swift does a halfway decent job in her upcoming film project B) Said project doesn't completely bomb at the box office C) Swift continues her meteoric rise over the course of the next several months, including the upcoming Grammy Awards. For now though, fans seem more drawn to the prospect of a better Superman movie!