Read The $3.2 Million Copy of Action Comics #1 Online

Ever wonder what a $3.2 million comic book looks like?

Now is your chance to find out. The 9.0 Comic Guarantee Company-rated copy of "Action Comics #1" is now available for everyone to read, thanks to a digital scan uploaded by the CGC. The file’s print copy was recently sold on eBay at a record price of more than $3 million, making it the world’s most expensive comic book.

Action Comics #1 is, of course, the first appearance of Superman, and the birth superhero comics in general. There’s obviously more than one copy floating around, but this particular one's value lies in its pristine condition. CDC grades the quality of vintage comics on a 1-10 grading scale. Copies that rank a 9.0 are categorized as “Very Fine/Near Mint.” The perfect 10 is referred to as “Gem Mint.” Action Comics #1 published in spring 1938, is 76 years old, making it’s high rating quite a rarity.

Looking through the digital pages, it’s easy to see how the comic earned such a high score.