The Avengers Will Not Have A New After The Credits Scene

Earlier today, Disney and Marvel Studios posted to the Avengers Facebook page that The Avengers would be returning to theaters this Labor Day weekend. What really got websites and fans buzzing though was the text that accompanied the announcement. The original Facebook post include an image of Thanos and the words, “Don’t forget to stay through the credits!”

In a matter of minutes, there were all sorts of theories and interpretations of what those words meant. With the teaser, most interpreted it to mean that Disney must have something special planned beyond just the Thanos mid-credits scene that the image spoiled and the shawarma after the credits scene. Pretty soon rumors about a new Avengers post-credits scene featuring everything from Iron Man 3 to Ant-Man footage were circulating.

Now, Disney has clarified exactly what they meant, and it turns out that they just meant the shawarma scene after all. In order to end the rumors, the text of the original Facebook post has even been updated to now say, “Don’t forget to stay through the credits and enjoy your shawarma!