The Creeper, Eclipso Get Justice League Dark Villain Month Books


Two characters who have actually had their own series before--The Creeper and Eclipso--will platoon as the villains taking over Justice League Dark in September. Justice League Dark #23.1 - The Creeper will be written by Ann Nocenti (who has already written the character in the New 52 as part of her gig on Katana), with art by Chriscross and a 3-D cover by Justice League Dark's Mikel Janin. Janin will also provide the cover for Justice League Dark #23.2 - Eclipso, which will be written by Dan DiDio and Green Lantern's Philip Tan.


"The Creeper in the Katana series is the same Creeper that will be in Villains Month. We were thinking about who could be trapped in Katana's Soultaker, so that when Killer Croc shattered her sword, some interesting souls would come out," Nocenti told Collider. "The Soultaker is like limbo for those the sword killed. They are restless in there, it is a gray place of waiting, and the Creeper came out raging angry. So the Creeper Villains Month story will tell the tale of Creeper's origin, his death, his time in the Soultaker, and most of all, develop this double-monster of Creeper & Ryder. Both, in their own ways, are agents of chaos."