The Dark Knight Rises Honored For Excellence In Portraying Science, Engineering and Technology

The Dark Knight Rises SET Award

The Entertainment Industries Council’s 2nd Annual S.E.T. Awards were held at the Beverly Hills hotel today. The Science, Engineering and Technology Awards provide recognition for accurate, inspirational and encouraging depictions of and bringing attention to the fields of science, engineering, and technology. A small, unmanned aerial drone named Frankie, voiced by actor and radio host Jay Thomas, was the host of the event.

“Movies, videos and multimedia content with accurate, inspiring and encouraging science, engineering and technology storylines are magnets for youth that can launch them into technical careers, fill existing workforce gaps and create the innovation necessary to propel not only the entertainment industry, but also the nation into a bright future” said Brian Dyak, who is President and CEO of Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. “The entertainment industry leaders being honored this year know how to entertain and inspire our workforce of tomorrow.”

Several of the award winners should be of interest to comic book fans. Not the least of which was The Dark Knight Rises, which was recognized with a Feature Films Award. The Big Bang Theory received a TV Comedy Award.

Also being presented were special awards in the disciplines of science, engineering and technology for portraying these fields in a positive and non-stereotypical way. Marvel’s The Avengers received the Engineer Award.


DC Comics titles The Flash – “Move Forward” and Mr. Terrific – “Mind Games” were also honored.

Award winners were chosen from more than 130 submissions judged by a distinguished jury of engineers and entertainment professionals. Key criteria focused on accuracy, impact, inspirational value, accessibility to vast audiences, and entertainment value of the productions.