The Flash Easter Egg Shows Other DC Cities in The CW DC Universe

(Photo: The CW)

There's a big WBTV press visit going on this week, with press visiting the sets of every major CW and WB show currently in production in Canada. Our own Russ Burlingame is there, and spotted a cool Easter Egg in Barry's lab, amongst a large gallery of images he took there. But friend-of-the-site and reporter for Nerdist, IGN, and others Amy Ratcliffe spotted something on the wall of the Picture News set: confirmation that there's more to this Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow universe than just Star City and Central City.

Important times to know on display at Picture News on the set of #TheFlash.

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The time zones are definitely a bit off, of course; there probably aren't six or seven time zones in this CW DCU US (say that five times fast) - maybe someone forgot to change half the clocks with daylight savings. But it's still fun to see some other cities listed here that are pretty big in the DCU. Here's a quick rundown:

Blüdhaven: A (usually East Coast) city that Nightwing, when he strikes out on his own away from Batman, goes to and adopts as his own. It's been mentioned twice on Arrow already, so we knew it was in this DCU.

Midway City: A Midwestern city, this was the home to Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who are both appearing in Legends of Tomorrow. It was also home for the Doom Patrol for awhile.

Starling City: For a newspaper, these folks aren't very accurate, first the time zone snafu and now this? It's now called Star City, named in honor of Ray Palmer's plan to revive (and rename) the city, after his apparent death. Home to Green Arrow and about 900 other vigilantes.

Central City: Where The Flash takes place. Home to The Flash and several other metahuman heroes and villains.

Coast City: Home to Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, and Carol Ferris, eventual Star Sapphire. This one has been teased a lot on both The Flash and Arrow, with Ferris Air billboards, and even a guy in a bomber jacket with "Jordan" on the nametag!

Opal City: Home to Starman and occasional home of other heroes.

Notable missing cities:

National City, home to the new Supergirl series.

Metropolis, home to Superman (and mentioned in the above).

Gotham City, home to the Batman family of heroes and villains.


Keystone City, the sister-city to Central City, it was also the doppleganger city to Central where the first Flash, Jay Garrick hailed from.

Dakota City, Fawcett City, Hub City: Depending on the continuity, these may or may not exist, but have all played home to major heroes of the DCU.