The Flash Season Finale: Five Questions Raised

theflashposter-126874Tonight's episode of The Flash ended with a bang -- and a lot of questions still hanging in the air.

Some of them are simple questions. Some of them are time-travel brain-teasers that messs with your whole concept of the show. All of them open up some interesting possibilities for Season Two.

So...what were the biggest things we were wondering about? Check 'em out...

What happened in that last shot?

Did Barry escape the singularity? The fact that we didn't see him hit the ground again is strange, but the trumphant "running at the camera" look seems to suggest that his mission is accomplished. The way it just abruptly cut off was jarring.

jay garrickWhat role will Jay Garrick play?

When we saw Jay Garrick's helmet roll into the staging area where the Time Sphere was, we had to wonder what it meant. When Barry traveled back, did he pierce The Bleed as well as the timestream?

Some of the show's actors have now confirmed that Earth 2 will play a role going forward, but exactly what role isn't clear. Whatever it is, it looks like we'll get Jay Garrick classic -- already a speedster and wearing that crazy hat -- when it shows up.

What WILL Barry do without Eobard Thawne?

A hero is only as good as his villains, and Eobard Thawne dedicated a lifetime to being The Flash's opposite number. What kind of hero does Barry become without the Reverse Flash to help define him? How will it change some of the visions -- good and bad -- that we saw in the timestream as Barry was traveling back to the night of his mother's murder?

IMG 4676 2How much of that was real?

ALSO about those visions -- how much of it can we count on? Were they moments that are solidified time, or at least set to happen in this timeline, rather than somewhere else in the multiverse? Will we get to see Killer Frost? Is Caitlin doomed to that destiny? Or is that just a possibility? If so, does that mean Barry was actually nearing Hypertime or the barrier between realities, rather than simply the timestream?


matt-letscher-555x321How does Eobard's death impact the past?

Eobard didn't just die; he was erased from existence altogether. That means he presumably never traveled back to kill Barry's mother and, after that, Harrison Wells. Could this be why Tom Cavanagh is back next season in spite of everything? Could we see at least some of the Reverse Flash's crimes undone?