The Flash: Was Eobard Thawne Secretly Harrison Wells?

(Photo: The CW)

Last year on The Flash, fans spent the first half of the season wondering who Harrison Wells -- Barry's mentor and apparent knower of the future -- really was.

Viewers obsessed over little details, little things he said. They watched every episode two or three times -- and closely! -- to see if he would drop any hints, and then finally when he was revealed to be the Reverse Flash, most fans felt pretty good about themselves.

This season, he's shown up from Earth-2. Both Wells himself, and the Reverse-Flash who had been impersonating him, are dead on our world -- and prior to the arrival of Wells-2, all we had heard from last year's mastermind was a brief video that gave Barry exactly what he'd always wanted: a confession to his mother's murder, which freed Henry Allen from prison.

Wells, of course, came and immediately had friction with Jay Garrick, driving the currently-powerless superhero away. He was also discovered fairly early on as having a secret: his daughter Jesse had been kidnapped by Zoom, and he needed the help of Team Flash to defeat Zoom so that he could return home to save her.

But what if he still has more secrets?

First of all, giving up the ghost on the Jesse Quick secret was no surprise; they weren't going to kep a hostage daughter just hanging out there indefinitely. Especially one who we all quietly expect to become a big part of Team Flash at some point.

That said, what if it was always planned to give up that piece of information, so that Barry and the rest could say, "Welp, we figured that one out! What's next?"

There's a popular theory going around that Henry Allen of Earth-2 is in fact Zoom. And while I'm not 100% sure I buy it, it does give me a jumping-off point for a crazy theory I'vebeen kicking around:

What if it was never Earth-1's Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne at all this season? What if the video in the season premiere was recorded by the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 and brought over before the season started?

Assuming Zoom is indeed Henry Allen, freeing the Henry Allen of this Earth could be practical in that it would allow Zoom to move around unnoticed if he were to decide to come to Earth-1.


There's not much in the way of hard evidence for this, of course; it's more a gut feeling. If there was anything I would say was a piece of evidence, it's that the law firm who brought Barry the package -- Wethersby and Stone, of Eli Stone fame -- is a key part of another Greg Berlanti/Marc Guggenheim show that isn't Arrow or DC's Legends of Tomorrow. If we were to discover they came from Earth-2, that could line up with an inside joke from "The Flash of Two Worlds" that Jay Garrick's helmet had survived the War of the Americas, something that happened on Jack and Bobby.

The Flash returns on Tuesday with a new episode, part one of a two-night, two-part crossover with Arrow. It airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.