The Flash's Jay Garrick Teases Earth-2 and the Speed Cannon

(Photo: DC All Access)

On this week's DC All-Access, the hosts talked with Teddy Sears, the actor who plays that other Flash, Jay Garrick, on CW's The Flash season 2. The actor talked about his Earth-2 origins, the new "Speed Cannon" that acts as a portal between worlds, and more.

"Essentially, he needs Barry's help to defeat Zoom, the arch-threat to the people of Earth-2, his nemesis," Sears said. "What begins to happen between Jay and Barry is a mentor-mentee relationship."

In the third episode, we discovered that there are 52 breaches, with the largest in STAR Labs. "The team works to figure out how they can use the breaches to their benefit," he said. He also teased a little bit of "building on that chemistry" between jay and Caitlin Snow.

And will we see Earth-2? "Yeah, we're going to see a little bit of Earth-2. My hope is that we get to spend a lot of time there!"

Check out the full episode, including the interview, some Titans news, and more on DC Comics.