The Pokemon Company And Quentin Devine Create Worlds Largest Pokemon Card

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

If you're looking for the holy grail of Pokemon cards, the world's largest Pokemon card might qualify.

The Pokemon Company, together with artist Quentin Devine, have completed work on what is the world's largest Pokemon trading card. Designed as a mosicac, the 33-foot long and 23-foot wide card is actually made out of 12,987 individual Pokemon cards. No telling how long it took him, but that isn't a small feat.

quentin devine and card developing-600x400
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Of course, if you're going to replicate a card for this special of a project, you're going to make Pikachu the star, represented as he was on the original trading card. You can see Devine standing alongside the finished product with Pokemon producer Yuji Kitano and director Atsushi Nagashima in the photo above.


via Anime News Network