The Walking Dead: Are Rick And Daryl Unkillable?

In the past, Robert Kirkman has said that fan enthusiasm will get Daryl Dixon killed.

Nobody much has believed him, though, and Daryl (along with Rick, Carl and Michonne) has generally been discussed as being "safe" from death or serious harm on the hit AMC drama.

IGN recently put the question to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd: Are Rick and Daryl impossible to kill?

"The minute that you start speculating what a particular death would mean, you're taking it out of the context of the creative arc of the story and, once again, putting it in this weird, like, we're doing it to make a point," Hurd said. "That's never how we approach the writing of the show."

She said that any deaths would have to fit the arc of the series -- and that recent notions that Carol has joined the ranks of the "unkillable" aren't any more credible than the notion they'd discount Daryl and Rick.