The Walking Dead: Identifying Bob Stookey's Books

Episode 401 Season 4 Bob StookeySpoiler Warning:

There are mild spoilers for the "Indifference" episode of The Walking Dead ahead. Whenever a book or a comic book appears on The Walking Dead, we always like to zoom in on the image to see if there might be any special significance in what the producers/writers are showing us. For instance, earlier this season, we deciphered that Carl Grimes likes reading Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's other comic books. The top comic book on the stack of comic books handed by Michonne to Carl in the Season 4 premiere was a copy of Invincible #56.

In the "Indifference" episode of The Walking Dead, Bob Stookey looks down at a desk drawer filled with various items at the veterinary hospital. One of the items is a bottle of alcohol, which is the item that Stookey winds up taking. However, on top of the bottle of alcohol are various books. We zooomed in on the the book images and were able to make out three titles: Enter A New Dawn by Linda Meichtry, Ph.D., Pathology of Fear, and Completely Illustrated.

We can't find that these books actually exist. The Pathology of Fear title does play into the overall theme of the episode. At the beginning of the episode, Carol gives Lizzie a lecture on overcoming her fear. Enter A New Dawn is a more mysterious title, but we do have a theory. It could be a subtle hint at Stookey's alcoholism. Whoever had the bottle of alcohol at the veterinary hospital might have been struggling with alcoholism as well, and the book might have been some type of inspirational book to help them with their addiction. As far as Completely Illustrated, we're not aware of what significance it might have. It was at the bottom of the stack so it could have been included at random.

Any other theories on if there is any significance to the books that Bob Stookey looked down at? Anything we might have missed?