The Walking Dead Is Hurting Society & Zombies Aren’t Real According To Fox News Report

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers

A new report on Fox News by Dr. Manny argues that watching The Walking Dead is hurting American society, while also pointing out that zombies aren’t real. The report initially points to the overall theme of violence in pop culture, but Dr. Manny seems to take special issue with zombie violence.

Dr. Manny writes, “The idea of a zombie-infested world inspires fantasies of monsters possessed by an uncontrollable rage to kill, and viewers get a thrill imagining what it would be like to participate in this new world order.”

In addition to the violence in The Walking Dead, Dr. Manny also takes issue with so-called Zombie Runs and how health organizations have created guides on dealing with a zombie apocalypse. Dr. Manny states, “Give me a break. As a doctor and scientist, I know one thing for sure: When you’re dead, you’re dead.”

Instead of obsessing over zombies, the report says Americans should focus on other things like music, education, science or the classics.