The Walking Dead Non-Spoiler Review: Internment Is Most Intense Season 4 Episode Yet

The Walking Dead Internment Hershel

A couple weeks back we wrote that that the “Isolation” episode of The Walking Dead was the best, most thought-provoking episode of Season 4 yet. However, the “Internment” episode of The Walking Dead will likely be labeled the new best of the season so far by many viewers, but for a different reason. We saw an advance screening of the episode, but we're not allowed to reveal any spoilers, so this spoiler-free review will have to do for now.

While the “Isolation” episode was great because it was cleverly written and highlighted two characters that had previously been in the background, the “Internment” episode is great because of its pure intensity level.

The “Internment” episode has more action in it than a lot of blockbuster movies. The episode really is a non-stop thrill ride that will have fans on the edge of their seat. It’s amazing how the episode creates a very real sense of danger and chaos.

The writer of this episode is Channing Powell, who was a new addition to the writing staff for Season 4. It’s hard to believe that this is the first episode she’s written of The Walking Dead, because her ability to handle multiple, complex storylines is incredible. We’re looking forward to seeing more episodes from her. Director David Boyd also deserves praise for being able to weave together the multiple action sequences into a cohesive whole.


Like the “Isolation” episode, there are two standout performances in the “Internment” episode. Both Lauren Cohan and Scott Wilson shine in this episode. As Andrew Lincoln told us last week at Walker Stalker Con, “Wait for Scott Wilson in the next couple of episodes.” Wait indeed, as Scott Wilson delivers his most powerful performance yet on The Walking Dead during the “Internment” episode.

While we are keeping this review spoiler free, we can tell you that the episode ends with a shocker, which really isn’t a surprise anymore for The Walking Dead. Unlike other TV shows that often struggle with providing an end of the episode cliffhanger, The Walking Dead appears to have mastered the technique of delivering a show that both feels like a complete episode, as well as adding a little something extra that gets fans pumped up for the next episode.