The Walking Dead's Kirkman is "Obsessed With Star Wars"

Well, this is the kind of thing Disney was probably hoping to hear; ever since their acquisition of Lucasfilm last month and the announcement of new Star Wars sequels in the offing for 2015 and beyond, at least one longtime Star Wars fan's interest has been seriously rekindled.

That fan? The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, who tweeted earlier today, "Full disclosure: I've been obsessed with STAR WARS since the Disney announcement. I've been reading every rumor, I can't get enough."

"It got me to watch A NEW HOPE with my son again, and he loves Star Wars now. He was too young last time I tried. Now he's hooked," the creator continued, referring of course to the subtitle of the 1977 Star Wars.

He later added, "We're watching Clone Wars on Cartoon Network right now, he loves that too. Later today, Empire Strikes Back. He has no clue Darth [Vader] is Anakin. I'm shocked I haven't heard Genndy Tartakovsky come up in the director speculation. His Clone Wars cartoons were awesome. He'd be great!"