The Wolverine Projected For $70 to $80 Million Opening Weekend

The Wolverine box office

A little over a week ago, The Wolverine was projected for a $70 million opening weekend at the domestic box office. Now, Variety is reporting that The Wolverine could potentially do between $75 to $80 million during its opening weekend. Meanwhile, is forecasting a $72.5 million opening weekend for The Wolverine.

The Wolverine is actually a tough film to call at the box office. The early reviews for The Wolverine have trended on the positive side, but the memory of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is fresh in the minds of many fans. Some fans might decide to wait for DVD release rather than venturing back to the box office for another Wolverine movie.

However, one big positive that The Wolverine has on its side is that it is opening against virtually no competition. The Conjuring opened strong last weekend, but it shouldn't be much of a threat to The Wolverine in its second weekend. The Wolverine is virtually guaranteed to win the domestic box office this weekend, but the only question is by how much.