Think Tank: Fun With PTSD One-Shot Will Benefit The Wounded Warrior Project


When Top Cow releases their Think Tank: Fun With PTSD one-shot on Wednesday, a quarter from each copy sold will go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Creator Matt Hawkins made the decision to work with the charity after the research necessary for the one-shot led him to want to do something about real-life post-traumatic stress cases, one of the major focuses for the Wounded Warrior Project. The one-shot, a follow-up to Hawkins's critically-acclaimed Think Tank, will also provide a black-and-white preview of his upcoming series Wildfire in it, although Wildfire, unlike Think Tank, will not be printed in black-and-white when the series hits. The series, by Hawkins and artist Rahsan Ekedai, is about a hyper-intelligent government worker who decides he doesn't agree with the American government's notion of killing people for the greater good, and doesn't want to play a part in it by creating their weapons of mass destruction. The government, though, are not willing to grant such an essential technical asset freedom. The Wounded Warrior Project is a veterans' service organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of the military actions initiated as part of the "War on Terror."