This Mock Harry Potter GO Trailer Is Absolutely Magical

When stories began cropping up earlier this summer about the existence of Harry Potter GO, people [...]

When stories began cropping up earlier this summer about the existence of Harry Potter GO, people began to understandably freak out. The hugely successful Pokemon GO app has taken the world by storm, so fans figured it'd make sense for Niantic to pursue a Harry Potter-themed game considering the franchise's popularity. However, those rumors ultimately turned out to be false, leaving fans gutted. But, apparently, not everyone gave up hope quite so easily.

Don't believe it? Just check out this mock Harry Potter GO trailer. You'll see.

Created by Stargaze Media, the UK-based company upload the trailer to show fans what Harry Potter GO could look like if it were real. And, unsurprisingly, the concept seems brilliant.

The trailer cleverly uses the Marauder's Map to layout the game's GPS maps while robed avatars are seen walking down corridors-turned-streets. So far, fans haven't noticed any fading footsteps following the figures, but the nod would surely be something an actual Harry Potter GO game would include.

The trailer also shows features which would let gamers - or rather wizards - catch fantastic beasts. From hippogriffs to pixies, the game would encourage players to catch the creatures much like they already catch Pokemon. If all were right in the world, Harry Potter GO would spawn Pygmy Puffs as if they were Weedles or Zubats.

Stargaze's trailer also introduces gamers to a feature which would let them choose their Hogwarts House as if it were a Pokemon Faction. Other activities in the mock-up include collecting 'Famous Witches and Wizards' cards at special magical locations, i.e. PokeStops.

So, while there may not be any current plans to pursue a Harry Potter GO app at the moment, fans are still hoping the game may come one day. Maybe if we 'accio' Niantic real hard or conjure up some good charms, the developer might just give it an all-clear.