This Star Wars Fan Built A Fully Functional Holochess Board

Dejarik Falcon

Holochess was the kind of strange, cool thing that got the effects of Star Wars so much acclaim. The game wasn't integral to the story, really, and yet they came up with a cool idea, animated it and pulled it off so well that it became a memorable element of the film nonetheless.

So it's no surprise that, decades later and with the kind of amazing effects Hollywood used to aspire to easily created on your Macbook, a hardcore Star Wars fan has now created a functional Holochess board.

And, yeah, the holograms themselves aren't going to spring to life and battle each other, but the beautifully-detailed monsters, which Ian Martin hand-sculpted, cast and painted, interact with the board, which has 54 working buttons, 26 working lights and 10 working knobs.

You can check out a curated video below, via Metro UK.

In the game, he explains, each monster has his own attack, defense, and move numbers. You can press buttons and see their stats, then you can essentially play a detailed role playing game on the board.


The producers of the video seen above found rules and information online, and are hoping to put together a mobile app, so that fans can play the game (although obviously not on the same awesome game board).

Just remember to let the Wookiee win.