Thor: The Dark World Box Office Exceeds Original Thor Movie’s Entire Global Run

Thor The Dark World beats Thor

In addition to winning its second weekend in a row at the U.S. box office, Thor: The Dark World crossed another milestone this weekend. The worldwide box office take for Thor: The Dark World has now exceeded the worldwide box office take of the original Thor Movie.

This is quite an impressive feat considering Thor: The Dark World has only been out in the U.S. for two weekends and has yet to even be released in some major countries, such as Japan. As of this weekend, Thor: The Dark World's worldwide box office sits at $479.8 million compared to the $449.3 million the original Thor movie made during its entire worldwide run.

In regards to the U.S. box office only, Thor: The Dark World has not yet passed the total U.S. box office run of the original Thor movie, but it's only a matter of time before it does. After ten days of release, Thor: The Dark World has made $146.96 million at the U.S box office. The original Thor movie made $181.03 million during its entire sixteen week run at the U.S. box office.