Tom Cavanagh Talks About Flash Premiere's Final Shocking Scene

Actor Tom Cavanagh is just as excited about The Flash’s future as fans are.

In a promotional video for The Flash, the actor portraying scientist Harrison Wells opened up on the pilot’s closing scene. In the episode’s final minutes, viewers learned that Wells is far from what he seems. Not only does Wells have full use of his legs, but he also holds pivotal information about the future. In the scene, Wells pulls up a hologram of a newspaper headline set to publish 10 years in future, reporting that the Flash will sacrifice his life to save the Earth from a "Crisis" (hopefully on Infinite Earths).While the scene doesn’t outright paint Wells as bad news, his sly smile certainly hints at a strain of villainy.

Cavanagh described the scene as a "What the heck moment,” and suggested himself that Wells is “someone who is so much more than we have seen." The actor went on to describe his own enthusiasm for the big reveal, and what’s in store for Wells. “For both me playing it, and the viewers watching, it’s like—'Oh, this is great!'"


Hopefully, more clues on Wells and his jaw-dropping information will show up on tonight’s episode of The Flash, "The Fastest Man Alive."