Tory Kittles Spills Intel On Colony Season 2 And Broussard's Return

Absent from most of Colony's second season has been Broussard -- the character portrayed by Sons of Anarchy alum Tory Kittles.

Broussard became a major player in Colony's first season with his importance carrying over through the second despite not being around outside of a character building flashback, so far. In the aftermath of Season 1's explosive final episodes, Broussard has little choice but to keep a low profile and stay out of sight.

When he pops up again, which is inevitable in Season 2, Broussard will be cooking up some plans to get answers and develop plans for survival -- both of which are essential inside of the Los Angeles block.

Speaking to Tory Kittles, has gained special access to intel from Colony's coming episodes.

Kittles Colony Broussard kind of toes the line between being a good guy and a bad guy, which isn't too unfamiliar for you. With Laroy on Sons of Anarchy, you could never be sure if he was good or bad. Do you pull anything out of the bag of tricks from playing Laroy on Sons of Anarchy when you're playing Broussard on Colony?

Tory Kittles: You know, my thinking is that there are no villains, there are only heroes because everybody is the hero of their own journey. I think that's the case with Broussard. He's definitely a hero.

CB: Back in Season 1, Broussard showed a soft spot for Katie, when he was asked to take her out and didn't. Looking back, do you think Broussard regrets that?

TK: No. I don't think he regrets it at all. I think he made a decision and he trusted his gut. I think Quayle was pushing them to think one way, and I think he ended up trusting Katie more than he did Quayle. That's why he spared her life. I think because he sees in her something that he can rely upon, and I think the question for him was does he go against the system, does he go against his authority, does he go against the way of his training? I think what he came to was that, yeah, you've gotta trust your gut sometimes.

CB: Through Season 2, Broussard's been MIA, aside from that flashback sequence in the beginning. How deep of a dive do we get with Broussard when he returns?

TK: Yeah, he's been underground. He's been planning a lot of things, but his life has changed. He's become sort of a celebrity with everything that he did last season. He's sort of become the Che Guevara type character, where he's the face of the resistance. Because that happened, he can't make moves the way he normally has. He has to do everything even more low key. I think that's causing him to switch up some tactics, because he can't just walk down the street anymore without being recognized. Planning and strategies and things of that nature have to change for him. He's having to evolve in a different way.

CB: See, the feeling I'm getting is that Broussard is going to end up coming out the fan-favorite because he's going to be the one who gets all the answers and goes back like, "Hey, guys. We gotta do this to survive."

TK: You know what? Every time I thought I know which way the story was going, Carlton and Ryan switched it up on me. I've learned not to speculate. I just wait for the next script. You always think it's going one way and then they surprise me, and I'm happily surprised.

CB: Do you think Broussard and Will can ever see eye to eye, with Will knowing everything that Broussard has done?

TK: I think that's a tough one because I think they're both alphas. It's hard to put two alphas in a room and say, "Hey, it's going to be one way or the other." I don't know if the two of them could ever get to a place of compromise, but maybe they could because of Katie. I think Will knows that Katie trusts Broussard, and because Broussard trusts Katie, I think that she's the factor. She's the x-factor in terms of whether the two of them could coexist or work together.

CB: My last question for you, since we are, we like to ask: if you could play any super hero, who would it be?

TK: I'm playing him, man. I think Broussard is a superhero. He doesn't have to wear tights or a uniform to make him a superhero. He's somebody that's fighting for what he believes in, and I think that makes him a hero. He's going up against all odds. I don't think an outfit makes you a hero. I think what you do in the moments where it's most uncomfortable, the moments where they say you find your character, I think that's what he's all about. I feel like I'm playing that guy and I love playing him. I don't really fantasize about superheroes, but I do look at Broussard as a hero. I'm very happy that I get the chance to play him.


Colony airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on USA.