Umbrella Academy Movie Still Coming Along, New Draft Just Turned In From Rawson Thurber

During a lengthy chat with Umbrella Academy's Gerard Way posted online Wednesday, the musician and Eisner-winning comics creator revealed that a new draft of the film script for Umbrella Academy has been turned in, and he's quite pleased with it...not that he has anything much to do with the movie.

"The most current news on that actually just came about last week," Way said. "So Rawson Thurber is writing a script. I think they're waiting on a revision that's supposed to be coming in in the next two weeks. I'm a little bit disconnected from it, in a positive way I think. I think it's cool if somebody wants to make a movie of something but I think maybe to some extent, the less involved I am the better. I can help in certain ways but only if they want the help and it's going to have an impact."

He continued, "I like Rawson's script. I think he did a great job. Obviously that was worked off Mark Bomback's amazing first script too, but then Rawson did his thing to it and I think that's also great."

Bomback is credited with writing The WolverineFifty Shades of Grey and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Thurber wrote The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

You can check out Way's full interview (over an hour) below, along with the official description from Google.


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