Upset Pokemon Go Players Are Flooding Google and Apple With One Star Reviews

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Pokemon Go players are flooding the Google Play and Apple App stores with negative reviews, voicing their displeasure with a recent update that removed a key game feature. The popular mobile game received a new update over the weekend that (among other things) removed a faulty tracking system from the game. Many players, especially those on Reddit, were hoping that the update would fix the tracking system instead of remove it entirely. Coupled with a lack of communication from Niantic, players decided to flood the game with one star reviews to voice their displeasure.

Many of the one star reviews seem to come from the Pokemon Go community on Reddit, as the community has quickly become filled with self-congratulatory posts praising the community for driving the game's average star rating down. When Niantic Labs released a minor update on iOS devices last night (which actually seemed to improve the game's performance on iPhones), Redditors quickly accused the developer (in a now deleted post) of releasing an update in an attempt to erase the bad reviews. Top posts on /r/PokemonGo have also directed players how to request refunds for their recent Pokemon Go purchases and how to report the app to Google and Apple for an alleged violation of the stores' terms of service agreement.

0comments has reached out to Reddit about whether the site's Pokemon Go community is violating site rules about "brigading" but has yet to receive a reply. Likewise, has also reached out Niantic Labs for comment on the weekend's update and community response but has also not received a reply.