Vin Diesel Talks Riddick Trailer & Melkor

Riddick Trailer

After hitting 40 million fans on Facebook, Vin Diesel held a live chat with fans on Vin Diesel chatted about a wide range of topics. When asked if he would ever do another movie like The Pacifer or Iron Giant? Vin Diesel confirmed, “Yes, I will do another family type of movie again.”

In early March, Vin Diesel promised via his Facebook page that the first look teaser trailer for Riddick would be coming this month. During his chat, Vin Diesel brought up the Riddick trailer again and said he was trying to get the teaser from Universal. He indicated that the Riddick trailer might show up in the next 24 hours.

Vin Diesel also held up the cover page for a draft and artwork for Melkor. Vin Diesel explained that Melkor was his character in Dungeons & Dragons. He indicated Melkor was a witch hunter. Vin Diesel said, “I think I even mentioned Melkor in an old GQ article. Who in the world does the cover of GQ and in the article talks about Dungeons & Dragons.”

Melkor is a video game that Vin Diesel has been working on with Tigon Studios. Melkor is an epic Action-RPG game that is described as a “hardcore mature take on Zelda 64.”

Vin Diesel Live

Vin Diesel Melkor