Watch Every Kill James Bond Has Ever Made In 38 Minutes

British super-spy James Bond has racked up an impressive body count over his 23 movie career. The Auralnauts, a New York based group of YouTubers, teamed up with The Man of Recaps to make a 38 minute supercut of every kill James Bond has ever committed on film.

For those wondering, Bond's final death count is 362, althought the super-cut doesn't include the 1967 Casino Royale spy spoof or the 1983 film For Your Eyes Only, which starred Sean Connery as James Bond but wasn't produced by Eon Productions. Roger Moore has the highest kill count of all the James Bond actors, with 121 kills on screen, while George Lazenby, who only played Bond in one film, has the lowest kill count with a paltry 6 kills. Octopussy has the highest body count with 64 kills (although 49 of those kills occur when Bond tricks a missile into destroying a hangar full of enemy soldiers), while The Man with the Golden Gun has the lowest kill count, with Bond only killing one person during the entire movie.

Bond's kill count will likely jump by at least a few bodies this fall, when the latest movie in the series, SPECTRE, hits theatres on November 6.

(via Laughing Squid)