Watch The Warcraft Movie Presentation Panel from Blizzcon 2014

The makers of the Warcraft movie just gave fans more reasons to get excited about the film.

Yesterday At BlizzCon 2014, Chris Hardwick hosted a panel with Warcraft movie director, Duncan Jones and Blizzard Entertainment's Chris Metzen. Attendees and online viewers were treated to an exclusive presentation with more than a few surprises.

While major details were not divulged, the cast and characters were formally announced. Key characters would be split between rival factions, Alliance and Horde.

Starring in the film and representing the Alliance side are Travis Fimmel (Anduin Lothar), Dominic Cooper (Llane Wrynn), Ben Foster (Medivh), Paula Patton (Garona).

On the Horde end are Toby Kebbel (Durotan), Rob Kazinsky (Orgrim), Clancy Brown (Blackhand) and Daniel Wu (Gul'Dan).


Warcraft is set to hit theaters in March 11, 2016.