Watch Tickle Me Elmo Doll Get Torched By a Jet Engine

Warning! The following content may cause distress to children and Muppet viewers alike. It's a dark day on Sesame Street as everyone's favorite perpetual three-and-a-half year old, Elmo, was torched to death by a YouTuber.

Earlier this month, PowerModz asked a question that so many of us have asked before: what would happen if you strap a Tickle Me Elmo doll to a pole and then blast a jet engine in his face? The results are… bleak.

The video, which already has over 2.5 million views, is part of a new segment on the YouTube channel called "Jet This!".

"Anybody with kids, you know exactly what I’m talking about," the YouTuber says as he gives a sly look into the camera. The guy clearly has a vendetta against the toy and he's not only ready, but excited to burn it to a pile of ash.

First, he takes some wire and ties it around Elmo's neck (not gently, we might add) and then hangs him on a pole like he's gearing up for some kind of Muppet crucifixion. Eerily, they've chosen to play very upbeat, bouncy music as they send Elmo to his death, making the whole thing even creepier.

The jet engine that they pit against the red doll has a 2,500 horsepower engine and sits atop the back of a truck that reads, "YUP THAT’S A JET ENGINE, STAY BACK!"

"Elmo, are you a little cold?," he taunts. Then within a matter of seconds, Elmo is disintegrated faster than Myrtle Snow at the stake. When the damage is done, PowerModz lets out an evil laugh and coyly asks the question, "What happened to Elmer?"

All that remains is a tiny piece of Elmo's voice box. "We'll forever remember Elmo," declares PowerModz.

To all you kids with access to a jet engine: Don't try this at home! The YouTuber has some experience in danger, describing their page as a "true powersports channel."

If you're looking for "product reviews, outdoor excursions, powersports events and more," this is the channel for you.

If you remember Christmas in the late '90s, you probably remember Tickle Me Elmo as the most sought after toy, especially in 1996. In fact, to this day, few toys have matched up to the craze of the Tyco toy.


All Tickle Me Elmo did was shake, vibrate, and giggle but people went bananas for him. 1996 was truly the year of celebrating toy fads as Jingle All the Way, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas movie about the hunt for the most popular toy (Turbo Man!), was also released that year.

Luckily, the real Elmo is safe and sound in his New York City home, and will hopefully never have to lay eyes on this traumatic video.