We Wish LEGO Would Make This Robocop Model An Actual Set

(Photo: Orion Pictures)

"You have twenty seconds to comply."

The Enforcement Droid Series 209, aka the ED-209 was a memorable piece of the Robocop franchise. It's been showcased in some killer toys, but with LEGO appealing more to kid-friendly mega-franchises, it's unlikely we'll ever get a model of this extraordinary machine.

That didn't stop Chinese customizer and LEGO builder who goes by the name of "chumuhou" who built the law enforcement machine from the ground up using an assortment of blocks. Check out some of the details below.

(Photo: chumuhou)

You can see the rest of his builds and even more detailed shots of the ED-209 on his Flickr page. It's a serious shame we won't get anything like this or any other models from the likes of Robocop, Rambo, or even Predator and Terminator.