What Does JSS Mean On The Walking Dead?

This week's episode of The Walking Dead is titled, "JSS." What do we know about this acronym? Almost nothing except for the fact that it is tied to a our relatively new young female character, Enid.

In last week's preview for JSS on Talking Dead, we saw Enid hide in a car and write "JSS" on the dirty window with finger. So, what does JSS mean? Let's talk about some possibilities.

Jesus without vowels. Of course, the character of Paul "Jesus" Monroe has been on our minds ever since his casting was announced, but maybe Enid just happens to be religious or sees the dead rising again and reminds herself of Jesus. Probably not, though.

A military phrase. I did a Google search for "JSS acronyms," and I found a whole bunch of military acronyms. Of all the acronyms listed, "Joint Support System" seems like the most plausible in this scenario, only because, "Job Safety Standard," and "Joint Shared Servers," don't seem relevant. It's possible, though, that Enid is a military child and is looking for that Joint Support System, despite acting like a loner all the time.

Her family's initials. Enid's parents are gone but perhaps she constantly reminds herself of where she came from by writing their initials on objects.

A Wolf tracker. Is Enid a bad guy? Could she possibly be working with the Wolves to infiltrate Alexandria and leaving JSS as a marker of where she's been so they can follow? The Wolves are said to be "Not far," so maybe this is how they stay so close.


A phrase she lives by. "Just Stay Safe," or "Just Stay Still," could be something she reminds herself of to get by in the cold world in which she is forced to reside. "Just Stay Safe," could be her reminder of why taking refuge in a bloodied car is necessary and why doing what it takes to survive is necessary. This is my guess.

We'll find out tonight when JSS reveals its secrets. The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9 PM EST.