X-Men: Days of Future Past - Meet the Newest X-Men


With today's debut of the first full theatrical trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, 20th Century Fox gave fans their first real looks at a number of X-Men characters never previously seen on the big screen.

ComicBook.com grabbed a few shots of the four new revealed we were able to get a clear look at in the new trailer, and will offer them here with commentary for the uninitiated.



In a movie about time-travel, he should be your man.

In the comics, Bishop comes from a future where the world has been torn apart by a war that pitted humanity and mutantkind against an overwhelming force of Sentinels. He (and later his sister, Shard) is sent back in time by an ancient mutant called The Witness (that future's version of Gambit) to prevent an unknown team member from kicking off the whole process by betraying the X-Men.

His backstory got increasingly more complicated over time, especially because there were so many false starts where it seemed as though the traitor had been revealed and eventually that aspect of Bishop's character--originally his driving motivation--became less significant.

He's got the ability to absorb and redirect energy, making him a very useful agent against the energy-firing Sentinels.

It looks from what little we've seen in the trailer as though Bishop's future may be folded into the story of Days of Future Past, a story in which he wasn't featured because he wouldn't be created for another ten years.



An unstable mutant with the ability to teleport, she's basically got the powers covered that Nightcrawler--who didn't show this time out, even though Alan Cumming may have been willing--provided in the past.

She's also a fan-favorite character; in her original incarnation, she was introduced in "The Phalanx Covenant" and died almost immediately, but after one of her co-creators made her a big part of they fan-favorite alternate-universe story "The Age of Apocalypse," Blink became popular enough that a version of her was later added to the dimension-hopping mutant super-team in Exiles.

Again, while she's got a time-travel/alternate reality background that serves the plot well, Blink didn't appear in the original Days of Future Past comic book story since she hadn't been created yet.



Created two years after the original Days of Future Past storyline, Roberto Da Costa became a member of the New Mutants and later X-Force.

With solar-based powers, including flight and the ability to fire solar blasts, Sunspot is mostly notable for the cool visual effect that they gave him for most of his career, where he looked completely black except his eyes and mouth, perhaps because he was absorbing all the light energy in his immediate area.

He was an important player in the storyline "Days of Future Now," in which he was the leader of a team of mutants called Gene Nation.




Also a former X-Force member, Warpath is the brother of the short-lived X-Men character Thunderbird. Originally at odds with the X-Men, he was a villain for a while before meeting up with Sunspot and company to join X-Force.

Warpath possesses mutant superhuman strength and speed, making his powers arguably the least visually engaging of the new characters.