Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere Will Let Fans Play Games Across Xbox One & PC

Microsoft’s Xbox has been a video game juggernaut since its launch in 2001 with the original [...]

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Microsoft's Xbox has been a video game juggernaut since its launch in 2001 with the original Xbox console. Now, with the Xbox's successors pioneering new standards in gaming tech, Microsoft has been teasing that its next move is to bring cross-platform gaming to a new level. The company has hinted that its latest console, the Xbox One, may soon share backwards compatible titles with Windows 10. And, today, potential leaks ahead of E3 signaled the company may make good on its word which it did following an announcement at E3.

Earlier today on Twitter, Daniel Aleksandersen (@Aeyoun) tweeted a screenshot of is Windows Store Library showing Xbox One games under his games menu. He wrote, "Each game has a store page listing Windows 10 as a system requirement and list them as 'Currently unavailable' when I click the 'Install' button." Aleksandersen also wrote that, "Some games specify different graphic card requirements. They appear in the Works on this device section on the Library page on the Windows Store."

Following the leak, Xbox confirmed fans' suspicions with their introduction of Xbox Play Anywhere. Microsoft's new initiative will allow fans to purchase qualifiying cross-platform titles that can then be played on both the Xbox One and PC. Xbox Play Anywhere will be rolling out with its first title, Gears of War 4, to the excitement of gamers everywhere. Xbox Chief Phil Spencer spoke about the new roll out by saying that Xbox has, "made a commitment to bring our first-party games to Windows and Xbox One." And, when Rod Ferguson came out to speak about Microsoft's anticipated Gears of War 4, he confirmed that every co-op mode in the game will be available for cross-play between both consoles.

With Microsoft confirming their new cross-platform support, what kind of games would you like to see be added to their growing list of compatible titles? Drop a comment below to let us know what games you'd like to add most!