Big Hero 6 Will Not Connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has noted in the past that the Marvel logo and the role of the company has been played way down in the promotional run-up to this fall's Disney Animation feature, Big Hero 6.

Despite being based on a Marvel Comics property, and despite Marvel being arguably the most efficient moneymaking machine Disney has at their disposal, the filmmakers said they decided early on to downplay the connection to the popular, live-action superhero films.

"Very early on, when we were collaborating with Marvel, the decision was made to intentionally not connect it to the Marvel universe," director Don Hall told Total Film. "Everybody felt like it would be great for us to take this idea of theirs and make our own universe with it. Marvel really encouraged us to do that. So there'll be no Iron Man or Captain America, and no Avengers in this world. Our Avengers are the Big Hero 6."


Big Hero 6 is due in theaters on November 7.