Conan O’Brien Presents The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun With Final Four Tickets

If there is ever a real zombie apocalypse, Conan O’Brien appears to want to make sure that [...]

Steven Yeun and Conan O'Brien

If there is ever a real zombie apocalypse, Conan O'Brien appears to want to make sure that he's got some friends that are experienced zombie killers. On tonight's Conan O'Brien show, The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun was one of the guests. Yeun came out sporting a little scruffy facial hair, but Conan quizzed him on why his character Glenn on The Walking Dead never seemed to be sporting scruff like the other characters. Glenn relayed that he tried growing scruff for the show this season, but The Walking Dead's makeup head told him he looked like a "French a-hole." Conan asked Yeun for recommendations for places he should visit in Atlanta, and Yeun recommended the Clermont Lodge, which is a strip club featuring strippers with some unusual talents. Steven Yeun relayed a story of a stripper crushing an empty beer can with her butt cheeks and autographing the crushed can for him. Steven Yeun is originally from Michigan, so Conan asked him if he was excited that Michigan made the Final Four. Yeun said that he was and he relayed a story about throwing a basketball in a fit of rage and having it hit a post and bounce back into his face, shattering his glasses. Conan also presented Yeun with two tickets to the Michigan and Syracuse Final Four game and suggested he might take his friend from the Clermont Lounge.