Fast 8 Feud Between The Rock And Vin Diesel Is Reportedly Over

Rock Vin Diesel
(Photo: Universal Pictures)

The Drake and Meek Mill beef of the acting world has finally run its course according to sources on the set of Fast & Furious 8.

It all seems to have stemmed from ongoing issues with Diesel, at least from The Rock's perspective. According to people on set, Diesel had a habit of staying in his trailer well past start time for filming, which delayed the cast and crew (via THR).

"Everything was running smoothly, and this was how Vin has run things for the past several movies," says a source who was on set.

The cast is relatively close, and so while they also might have had issues with Diesel in this regard, they didn't mind enough to say anything about it. Truth is, The Rock is just anybody else, and he took to social media to air his frustrations.

"My female co-stars are always amazing, and I love 'em. My male co-stars, however, are a different story," wrote Johnson, adding that "some" are "chicken shit" and "candy asses."

After this went public, the two actors had a meeting in their trailer, but it didn't seem to resolve the situation. That was up to the studio and Executive Vice President Mark Sourian, who was on hand to make sure the issues got resolved before the press tour for Fast 8, and it looks like it worked.

"What happened is over, and no one expects there to be any lingering effects," says a studio source. "When it comes time to promote the movie, this will have no bearing."

While the two might have buried the hatchet publicly, there still might be some things to get past for the rest of the cast, as they weren't very happy with Johnson taking his issues to the media.


"Everyone was shocked that The Rock posted that," says an agent who reps a Fast 8 principal. "That was seen as kind of unacceptable."

Hollywood faux pas aside, expect the franchise to keep on moving, as two more sequels are planned with this cast. Fast & Furious 8 hits theatres on