Game of Thrones: The Mountain And The Viper Recap With Spoilers

Game of Thrones - The Mountain and the Viper

The episode begins with some men of the Night's Watch visiting Mole's Town. Gilly is at work in the brothel. The woman who runs the place is confronting her because Gilly's baby was crying and woke her up in the morning. Gilly hears what sounds like an owl outside and recognizes it as a Wildling signal. Tormund and his raiding party attack the town. Ygritte kills the owner of the brothel and goes inside. She finds Gilly and her child hiding. Ygritte signals for them to be quiet and then leaves them alone. At Castle Black, Jon, Sam and their friends are steaming over the attack on Mole's Town. Sam is particularly wracked with guilt, since he sent Gilley to Mole's Town in the first place. His friends remind him that Gilly has survived a lot and may have managed to survive. Jon realizes that the Wall is the next logical place to attack, meaning that Mance Rayder's army must be close. The Unsullied are bathing in the water across from some of the handmaidens. Grey Worm sees Missandei, naked. Missandei brings it up to Dany. Dany says that the unsullied aren't interested in what's under women's clothes, but Missandei says Grey Worm was interested. Dany wonders if the masters took everything when they castrated the Unsullied, and Missandei admits that she has as well. Later, in Dany's throne room, Grey Worm apologizes for what happened and thanks her for her lessons teaching him to speak the common tongue. Missandei says she's sorry that Grey Worm was castrated, but Grey Worm is thankful because it led him to Dany's service and to meeting Missandei. He apologizes for earlier once again, but Missandei says she is glad that he saw her. Outside of Moat Cailin, Ramsay Snow has dressed "Reek" up as Theon Greyjoy again, covering his scars and missing pieces. Ramsay reminds Reek of what he really is, then tells Reek to bring him Moat Cailin. Theon rides to Moat Cailin under a white banner. He is let inside. He tells the Ironborn commander that he is here to treat on behalf of Lord Bolton, as a captive. The commander nearly falls over, and then spits at Theon. One the commander's men puts an axe in his head then agrees to surrender on the condition that they can go home safely. Ramsay takes the castle and flays the Ironborn men anyway. At the Vale, Petyr Baelish is being questioned about his heritage and intentions by the lords of the Vale. Baelish is claiming that Lysa Arryn's death was a suicide. They find this suspicious, especially considering how she loved Robyn and how Littlefinger had married her so quickly. They bring in Petyr's "niece," Sansa (still going by Alayne), as a witness to Lysa's suicide. Sansa apologizes to Petyr but says she must tell the truth. She tells the lords that she is Sansa Stark and that everything Petyr has lied about has been to protect her. She says that her only friend in King's Landing has been Petyr Baelish. They question her about what happened to Lysa. She tells them what happened with her, Lysa and Petyr. She minimizes Petyr's kiss, saying it was a peck on the cheek, and then claims that Lysa jumped out of the Moon Door rather than being pushed by Petyr. With his innocence assumed, Petyr begins speaking of the Vale's role in the war. Petyr suggests that it's time for Vale to take a more active role and the Robyn to begin growing up. At Meereen, Barristan Selmy receives a message from King's Landing. He approaches Jorah Mormont and gives him the message. It's a copy of the royal pardon that Jorah received from Robert Baratheon. Selmy knows that Jorah spied on Daenerys. Jorah wants to speak to Dany in private, the Selmy says he'll never be alone with her again. Selmy enters Dany's throne room and climbs the dais, but Selmy and Grey Worm move closer. Mormont suggests that Tywin Lannister sent the pardon to sew dissension in her ranks, but the pardon was signed during the year they first met. Jorah tells her that he was sending letters to Varys at least up until she was pregnant with Khal Drogo's child, which is how he knew about the wine merchant's poison. She banishes him, giving him until dusk to leave or she will have him killed. Jorah leaves Meereen alone. Ramsay Snow brings the Banner of Moat Cailin to his father. They walk and talk, climbing a hill. Roose Bolton asks Ramsay what he sees. Ramsay says he sees nothing, but Roose says he sees the North, bigger than all of the other kingdoms combined and the he is its Warden. Roose Bolton officially makes Ramsay his heir, replacing Ramsay Snow with Ramsay Bolton. Petyr approaches Sansa in her room. He asks her why she helped him. She says if they had executed him then she's not sure what they would have done with her. Better the man that she knows… Arya and the Hound are still travelling, discussing Joffrey's death. The Hound's wound is still bothering him, slowing him down. They have come to the Bloody Gate of the Vale. The Hound announces himself and Arya to the Knight of the Gate. The Knight tells them of Lysa Arryn's death and Arya bursts into laughter. Petyr is trying to convince Robyn that it's time to leave the Eyrie. Sansa joins them, in a new dress and looking more confident than ever. Tyrion is discussing how ridiculous trial by combat is with Jaime. They discuss all of the different names for killing and their simply cousin, Orson. Orson liked to smash beetles in the garden and Tyrion says he tried to figure out what I was he got out of that. He couldn't find anything in his books, so he just continued to observe Orson and he couldn't it out of his head. Orson died when he was kicked by a mule and Tyrion never did figure it out. The trial is getting ready to begin. Oberyn seems confident, but Tyrion is unsettled by his light armor and drinking. The Mountain approaches and Ellaria Sand is stunned by his size. Pycelle offer a longwinded introduction before combat begins. Oberyn dazzles the crowd with how he handles his spear. He introduces himself to the Mountain as the sister of Elia Martell and that he came to this city to kill the Mountain for raping Elia and killing her children. Oberyn continues his chant while dancing around the Mountain's swings until Clegane manages to snap his spear. Oberyn receives another spear, but the Mountain is becoming more aggressive. Oberyn wounds the Mountain multiple times. He has the Mountain on the ground but refuses to kill him until the Mountain confesses and tells who gave him the order. The Mountain trips Oberyn, punches all of his teeth out in one blow, and then crushes Oberyn's head in his hands. Tywin Lannister proclaims Tyrion's death sentence.