Honeymooners Reboot Being Developed by CBS

The latest old property getting a modern TV series reboot is The Honeymooners, which is reportedly being developed over at CBS.

Honeymooners is being planned as a multi-camera comedy, which will be written and executive produced by Bob Kushell, best known for ABC's recent (and short-lived) Muppets TV reboot. The premise of the show revolves around two couples that are still friends and neighbors, but the new twist is that one of the couples has divorced and remarried, creating a whole "new dynamic" between the characters.

The Honeymooners TV Reboot CBS

Basically, the details reported by THR sound like The Honeymooners updated for the more complicated structure of modern relationships and families - and probably fewer (comedic?) threats of domestic abuse between husband and wife.

Recently, TV reboots have established themselves as reliable ventures. In 2016 alone, revamps of properties like MacGyver and Lethal Weapon have managed to hold steady enough to secure full season pickups; meanwhile, Hawaii Five-O has maintained a healthy viewership for six seasons now. Other properties (like Fox's Exorcist reboot) haven't been as successful, but still manage to generate loyal cult followings.


In that sense, those groaning about The Honeymooners being yet another TV reboot need to accept facts: this trend isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

This isn't the first time The Honeymooners has been rebooted in the 21st century: There was a poorly-received 2005 movie reboot, featuring Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps as Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, respectively.