Ron Perlman Wants To Play Cable

When Ron Perlman wants something, he'll let you know.Months ago, the actor took to social media to [...]

Perlman Cable

When Ron Perlman wants something, he'll let you know.

Months ago, the actor took to social media to rally fans behind a third installment of the Hellboy franchise. That hasn't panned out yet, so Perlman is turning his attention to another super hero - one which we know will be accompanying Deadpool for his sequel.

"I'm the only one with Cable's friggin hair!" Perlman writes on his Facebook page with a side by side photo of himself and the Marvel hero.

Cable is set to make his debut in the 20th Century Fox Marvel X-Men universe in Deadpool 2 come 2017. Several actors have voiced interest in the role and countless fans have shared their choices.

While campaigning for Hellboy III, Perlman joked that if the film doesn't get off the ground soon, he'll be doing it from a wheelchair. Perhaps he sees a last hoo-rah in the opportunity to play Cable.

Cable made his first appearance under that name in New Mutant #87, but his history actually begins before that, in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #201, the first appearance of Nathan Christopher Summers. Nathan is the son of original X-Man Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey (Cyclops didn't know this at the time). The villain called Mr. Sinister had secretly been manipulating the Summers and Grey lineages over generations in order to breed a mutant powerful enough to defeat Apocalypse, and Nathan is that mutant.

Do you think Perlman fits the bill for Cable in the X-Men movie universe? Who do you want to see take on the role?