Was [Spoiler] In The Talking Dead In Memoriam Segment?


Spoilers follow if you have not yet watched tonight's, "Thank You," episode of The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead fans know that following each episode, we meet Chris Hardwick for the Talking Dead recap of the show. Sometimes, like tonight, he serves as a therapist for us fans and makes the tough blows of losing beloved characters a little bit easier.

With each episode comes a segment titled, "In Memoriam," in which Hardwick's show reflects upon every single character, including walkers, who were killed in the episode. With the controversial death of Glenn, a lot of viewers watched, anxiously wondering whether or not the producers and writers would choose to include Glenn on the segment, seemingly confirming his death.

Did they? No.

Glenn was not a part of the In Memoriam segment. Instead, Nicholas, who shot himself, was shown and when we expected to see Glenn, we saw, "Please don't let this be true," repeated three times across the screen.


Showrunner Scott Gimple sent a statement to Talking Dead, in which he said we will see "Some form," of Glenn in the future.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.