Who Would Win? Independence Day Alien Vs Xenomorph Alien


In a Q&A, Independence Day: Resurgence director Roland Emmerich took reader questions. A couple of myths were knocked down and we learned about the franchises potential. Emmerich is currently acting as a guest editor at EmpireOnline.com.

We've seen Alien versus Man. We've seen Alien vs Predator. But how about Alien Versus Alien? In a Q and A published by EmpireOnline with Emmerich was asked the question: "Who would win in a fight: Independence Day's alien or the xenomorph from Alien?"

He responded with, "Ridley's alien would win. That was the most vicious alien I've ever seen. You can kill ours from behind! You can't kill the Alien from behind. They don't bleed acid, there's only slime coming out and it's harmless slime."

From what we've seen from both the original Independence Day and the many, many Alien franchise films - I've got to agree with Emmerich. The xenomorph alien's are by far more brutal and blood thirsty. While Will Smith's character Steven Hiller was able to knock one of his aliens out with a single punch it takes a flame thrower, some Predator explosives and big guns to take out a xenomorph.

But! What of the ID4 Alien's mind control powers? Could the Alien's somehow gain control of the xenomorphs and use them against us? Personally I see excellent crossover potential here. Maybe even a sequel with a team of Predators taking them both on?


Ok readers, how do you think a Alien V Alien battle would end? Is Emmerich right about the square off? Would you like to see a crossover film?