Xander Berkeley To Play Gregory On The Walking Dead


A few months ago, AMC announced that Xander Berkeley was cast in a undisclosed role on their hit show, The Walking Dead.

It has now been confirmed that Berkeley will be playing Gregory, a character from The Walking Dead's comics whom we originally suspected when the casting news broke.

Berkeley is best known for his role on 24, but has also played parts on countless television series, including the A-Team and Zoo.

Spoilers from the comics and likely TV series follow.

Gregory is the cowardly and sly leader of The Hilltop Colony, which our characters are yet to discover on the TV series.

The character often attempts finding easy ways out, even if they include betraying Rick, Maggie, and other survivors we've come to know by lying, omitting, or even attempting to poison. He is power-hungry but undeserving of the leadership position in his community.

What this really means for the television series, in addition to the new character, is that we'll be seeing The Larger World storyline playout. With Tom Payne cast as Paul "Jesus" Monroe (no relation to Deanna), the expansion beyond Alexandria is certainly imminent.

(source: TVLine)